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About Unique Asia Lubricant Company

Unique Asia Lubricant was established in 2014 and is the Sole Authorized Distributor for marketing and sales of EXOL lubricants in IRAN.

We supply aviation and Industrial lubricants and our main brands are Shell, Aeroshell, Mobil and Mobil aviation.

We have achieved our goals through brand promotion, market share increase and customer satisfaction.

Brands Supplied By UAL

Target Sectors



• Oil & Gas

• Power

• Steel

• Mining

• Cement

• Food

Non-Genuine Products (Counterfeit)

Absence of official authorized agents in the country has made room in the market for fake products with highly competitive prices which show up in all industrial plants and cause equipment operation failure.

Despite approved test results unfortunately fake products are identified after they have been used in equipment which may cause costly damages.

Fake products are often identified by the appearance of packaging and labels. If necessary, please contact us regarding product authenticity issues.

Our Certificates

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